Your website, professional and one of a kind

We offer professional, one of a kind websites, built from the ground up into your dream website. Not only do the websites we make look good, they look good on basically all of today’s browsers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We develop responsive websites which will adapt the look and feel of your website automagically depending on the device your website is viewed on.

Since many visitors access the internet via their smartphones we put a lot of effort into the responsive build of your website.

The price for a website differs and will be based on your requirements and wishes. Once these have been discussed a quotation can be made.


Our website design & development workflow, from the start to the go live of a new website, is as follows:


  • Plan
    • Meet and greet with you, our new or recurring client to get to know each other
    • During this meeting wi will also discuss the needs and wishes for your website
    • A compact but clear contract will be made between the client and Digital Solutions Aruba and a down payment will be made. The down payment will be calculated after the meeting and can, if needed, be paid in terms


  •  Design
    • Design one concept based on the requirements which have been discussed in the meet and greet meeting
      • More concept are available at additional costs
    • Changes to the design can be made during this period
      • We will charge an additional cost if new features need to be added or if sections need to be redesigned and redeveloped. The price for this task differs and will be provided upon request. You can make a request using the contact form or give us a call at + 297 661 2237.


  • Develop
    • Integration of the content management system
    • After the concept has been approved we continue to work on the development website
    • During the development period you will be able to track the progress using a development link provided by us
    • Testing can be done by the client and developer on the development URL


  • Deploy
    • GO LIVE!
      • Please note: We deliver a blank CMS & website, meaning there will be no, or barely any, content. With the added CMS you will be able to manage your own content anywhere, anytime
    • Check functionalities of the website to verify that everything is set to the LIVE environment
    • The development link will be removed


  • Support & customer service
    • After the website has been launched we remain available for support and minor changes for a period of 30 days, free of charge.
    • Support can be requested in real time, via email, via Skype, via WhatsApp or via our Facebook page