We also offer photo and video enhancements which can be the following:

  • Photo/video: Color correction
    • Make your footage stand out from the rest. Colorful footage attracts your visitor’s attention faster and longer compared to dull-colored footage
  • Photo/video: Add a watermark(s)
    • Prevent other people “stealing” your footage. Adding a watermark secures your footage since your logo or text will be lightly visible in the footage, which cannot be removed easily with, for example, photoshop
  • Photo/video: Resizing
    • File size too big? We can resize your footage to any size required
  • Photo: touch up/remove smudges or certain objects in a photo
    • Stains, unwanted objects or random people which shouldn’t be there? We can remove many unwanted items


If you have any questions you can use our contact form or give us a call at + 297 661 2237.


Some examples of these enhancements


Color correction

Add a watermark(s)


Touch up/remove smudges or certain objects in a photo