Need photos or videos from a higher angle? Helpful for real estate, construction works, electrical or plumbing activities for a better, easier presentation of where items need to be placed.

We offer a drone package with the following:

  • Before the actual flying session we will go over your wishes and requirements concerning the footage you want
  • Each session is 15-20 min
  • Both photos and videos are available during each session
  • Raw drone footage will be delivered via an online transferring service but can also be deliverd via an external drive upon request
  • Attention: in some areas it is prohibited to fly a drone.


The costs for an aerial session starts at $75.

  • Photo and/or video enhancements are available at an additional price. Enhancements can be the following:
    • Photo/video: Color correction
    • Photo/video: Add a watermark(s)
    • Photo/video: Resizing
    • Photo: touch up/remove smudges or certain objects in a photo


Check out some example footage below. In case of any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Parke Arikok, Aruba


Natural Pool, Aruba


Natural Pool, Aruba


Boca Prins, Aruba